Early or Callus Stage

The patient and physician can help prevent forefoot ulcers if caught in the early stage of ulcer formation. If "hot spots", redness or calluses are noted on the bottom of the diabetic patient's foot, the patient should be alert to the potential formation of ULCERS. Patients should bring this to attention of their diabetic, podiatrist (foot doctor) primary care or orthopaedic physician.

Dr. Laborde's Prevention Plan: Depending on the patient's condition and abilities, Dr. Laborde may suggest special shoes (orthodics), further examination by a podiatrist (foot doctor), referral to a physical therapist or teach proper stretching techniques.

Stretching Techniques: The object of stretching is to "loosen" or elongate the calf muscle. If effectively performed the "loosed" calf muscle will help evenly distribute the patients weight on their feet. The simple exercise below takes only six minutes per day.

After proper medical instruction stretch each leg 3 minutes per day in this fashion